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Obesity is a complex chronic progressive disease which is multifactorial. That means, no one cause leads to obesity, but a number of them, including nutritional, lack of physical activity, metabolic, hormonal, genetic, psychological, social, and other factors. Therefore, no single diet, medication, or procedure will give you long term results. STOP looking for the magic "wand". THERE IS NONE!

What works though is a number of treatment strategies addressing all of these pieces of the pie, under the supervision of a trained medical professional (Medical Weight Loss program).

We use a unique combination of lifestyle modifications and pharmacotherapy as adjunct treatment, to achieve long-term success in our patients. Gradual weight loss about 1-2 lbs per week is expected with long term weight maintenance. We also provide pre and post surgical care for our surgical candidates.


Medical Bariatrics Canada offers a program designed within the context of the latest Canadian, American, and International guidelines for management of obesity. It is physician supervised, scientific, evidence based, focused on fat loss and muscle preservation (as opposed to weight loss only), sustainable, individualized, affordable, and includes flexible diets. Our program consists of 2 phases;

·       Phase 1 - Weight Loss phase which is about 6 months (variable based on the individual's response). This is designed to achieve your target weight, fat percentage, and ideal metabolic profile.    

·       Phase 2Weight Maintenance phase which is lifetime, focusing on relapse prevention and maintaining your ideal targets.


The program is medically supervised and we follow the Canadian, American, and international guidelines foe management of obesity. Obesity is a complex multidimensional chronic disease. Therefore, a comprehensive bio-psycho-social approach is necessary to address the complexities of obesity. After comprehensive medical assessment, a long-term treatment plan is customized to each patient which includes a combination of nutritional counseling, physical activity and other lifestyle coaching, and pharmacotherapy.


In order to lose weight in a healthy manner and avoid weight regain, you need to lose fat (specifically visceral fat in the abdomen) and maintain muscle. Our program is designed to optimize fat tissue loss and minimize the loss of muscle and vital proteins. Maintaining muscle mass is essential for the prevention of weight regain, health benefits, and longevity. 


You have likely struggled with your weight for years and have experienced frustration when other diets haven’t worked. We’re here to help you make the changes that will lead to a healthy weight and to support you as you change your life.


One of the most valuable things you will get from our program is a better understanding of obesity and its complexity. Ongoing health coaching and patient education is a key part of long-term management of obesity. You’ll learn about what foods you can enjoy and what to avoid.